Dec 18, 1998 Print This Article

New AAL Program Matches Member Gifts to Concordia Seminary

Aid Association for Lutherans (AAL) has initiated a new program designed to increase the impact of its members’ gifts made to Lutheran elementary and secondary schools, colleges and seminaries. Under the new program, annual gifts of $25-$100 by an AAL member to an eligible Lutheran institution are matched dollar-for-dollar by AAL.

“We are delighted to hear of this bold commitment by AAL to increase the impact members’ gifts can have in terms of preparing future pastors, missionaries and chaplains,” commented Mr. Leonard Fiedler, Vice President for Development at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. “We encourage those who are AAL members to utilize this program as a way of maximizing their stewardship and the impact their gifts will have for the work of the kingdom.”

Under the guidelines of the program, parents may make contributions on behalf of their children who are juveniles and are insured by AAL. In addition, any gifts given since October 1, 1998 may be eligible for matching by AAL.

Fiedler emphasized several important details of the program. “Each AAL member may qualify for the match. For instance, a gift of $300 in a household could be matched in this way: $100 from the father, $100 from the mother and $100 from a child who has an AAL certificate.” “In addition,” stated Fiedler, “it is important to remember that insurance policies, as well as investment vehicles such as mutual funds, annuities and the like, make one eligible as a ‘member’ of AAL.”

Fiedler encourages anyone who wishes to take advantage of this program through a gift to Concordia Seminary to contact their local AAL representative or the Seminary’s Development Office by phone (1-800-822-5287) or e-mail (