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Strong Attendance Expected for Second Annual "Shepherds of God's Flock" Retreat

The second annual “Shepherds of God’s Flock” retreat to be held Jan. 4-6, 2000 at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis is producing a tremendous response. The retreat is designed for men college age and older who are contemplating service as a pastor, missionary or chaplain. As the retreat draws near, 63 participants are registered. Of the 63, 49 are prospective seminary students, 12 are wives, fiancees or girlfriends of prospective students, and 2 are pastors who are bringing prospective students to the retreat. This is a 50% increase over last year’s attendance.

The “Shepherds of God’s Flock” retreat was added to the existing structured visitation opportunities at Concordia Seminary last year in order to assist prospective students with the spiritual and personal aspects of the decision-making process. It does not emphasize the “nuts and bolts” of Seminary preparation (financial aid, housing, etc.), although guests may speak privately with admission counselors about these matters during the retreat. Instead, presenters at the retreat will address the questions that many prospective students ask: How can I know for sure whether or not I should be a pastor? What does the Bible say about being a pastor? What do the Lutheran Confessions say? What does a pastor, missionary or chaplain do? The students, faculty and staff of Concordia Seminary encouraged prospective students who have asked these questions to explore them in the relaxed atmosphere of the Seminary campus.

While on campus, participants will be led in studies of the Scriptures and Lutheran Confessions concerning the Holy Ministry. Pastors, missionaries and chaplains will speak about the joys and challenges of their service. Participants can talk with other retreat guests from around the country who are contemplating such service, worship with the Seminary community in daily chapel services, talk with current students and attend Seminary classes.

“We are overwhelmed with the response to this retreat,” indicated Rev. Jeffery Moore, director of ministerial recruitment at Concordia Seminary. “It seems that the questions addressed in this retreat are questions which many prospective students want to contemplate and discuss. Many college and university students have found this a convenient time to visit the Seminary since their schools are still on semester break. We look forward to spending some very beneficial time together over the next few days.”

There is no charge for the “Shepherds of God’s Flock” retreat. All meals and on-campus lodging will be provided free of charge. Travel assistance is available for those who may have difficulty participating because of travel costs.

Prospective students and their guests who are interested in visiting Concordia Seminary may contact the Admissions Office of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis at 801 DeMun Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63105; 1-800-822-9545; CSLAdmis@aol.com.