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Symposium DVDs Available from Concordia Seminary

DVDS of presentations from the 15th Annual Theological Symposium are now available from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. The Symposium, “The Challenge of Homosexuality—The Church Responds,” was held Sept. 21-22, 2004, on the Seminary campus.

DVDs may be purchased individually or as a full set. The sessions include

DVD 1: Setting the Stage for the Theological Symposium – David Adams
The Use of Scripture Concerning Homosexuality – Robert Gagnon

DVD 2: The Use of Scripture Concerning Homosexuality – Panel
Preaching Concerning Homosexuality — Homiletical Working Group

DVD 3: Christian Responses to the Culture’s Normalization of Homosexuality – Robert Weise
Christian Responses to the Culture’s Normalization of Homosexuality – Panel

DVD 4: The Local Congregation Approaches the Issues: Lutheran Responses – Joel Biermann
Plenary Responses and Questions – Panel

DVD 5: A Chaste and Decent Life: Sexual Catechesis Today – John Oberdeck
Origins, Causes and Treatments of Homosexuality – Richard Winter

DVD 6: Legal Issues for Congregations and Pastors Concerning Homosexuality – Leonard Pranschke
Does God Hate Sinners? A Response to Hate Speech – Tom Eckstein

The full set of 6 DVDs costs $140 ($70 for 2004 Symposium attendees); individual DVDs cost $30 ($15 for 2004 Symposium attendees).

The 16th Annual Theological Symposium, “It Just Doesn’t Make Sense: Wrestling with God’s Will in a Tragic World,” will be held Sept. 20-21, 2005, on the campus of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.

DVD order forms are available by visiting the Concordia Seminary Web site at or by contacting the Office of Continuing Education and Parish Services at (314) 505-7123 or