May 13, 2009 Print This Article

Call Service Reaches Record Number Via Internet

This year’s live Internet broadcast of Concordia Seminary’s Vicarage/Internship and Candidate services on Call Day, April 22, reached over 5,000 people, the largest online audience to date for a Seminary event. With its success, the Seminary is exploring other live events and educational offerings that could benefit from the same technology.

St. Louis ranked highest with 85 unique users (streamed by 85 individual computers). New York City came in a close second with 80 unique users. Other viewing/listening locations included Hawaii, Alaska, France, Germany, Kenya, Brazil, and the United Kingdom.

“The broadcast of our Call Day services began as an experiment, but quickly became a standard offering,” commented Tony Cook, director of educational technology. “Just the knowledge that calling congregations and proud family members have the ability to see their candidates’ faces and hear their assignments being read is worth the time and effort it takes to stream the event. It is our pleasure to make this service available, and we look forward to utilizing our streaming technology for other events and educational opportunities.”

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